We Miss

This is the page that we dedicate to our decades of viewing the game.

Tugga started watching the game when he was in a cradle,  PK when he learnt to utter his first words  and MARS tuned in to her first love in her pre-teens.  

Over the years we have caught many a match live at the stadium, followed them on radio in college pretending to study for our engineering exams and the rest were  caught on television – either  live or highlights.

Many an innings and a match can be recalled ball-by-ball, shot-by-shot. So, instead of repeating those moments among us whenever we discuss cricket – we thought we would put it up on this page. It will not only save us the energy of referring those historic incidents time and again; but will also be a good refreshing view of our take on the matches gone by for the readers to browse through.

Let us know if you would want to hear from us on your  favourite matches gone by and we will try our best to come up with the Ultimate Action Replay!

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