Guest Writers

A few of our friends are joing the gang. Here is a short introduction to the fellow members of The Corridor of Certainty. They love the game like we all do and have their traits and quirks. Follow them as they slip in their two bits of wisdom on the game.


Mandar started playing cricket when he was 10. He started watching/hearing the game in earnest when he was 14. On the playing field, he barely graduated to the leather ball, but with the rubber ball, was a master tactician, no. 6 batsman and no. 5 bowler for his team. His friend once described his bowling as ‘doesn’t spin enough to be a spinner, isnt fast enough to be a fast bowler, but somehow irritatingly difficult to hit’. He’s much better at watching the game though, and over the years has developed what he believes is an uncanny knack of predicting immediate events in live situations. Mandar enjoys entertaining his friends, much of which is via conversations – and given his love for cricket, ever so often these conversations are about the game. His posts here will capture some of these for you!

You can read his posts here

Arun a.k.a ZenRooster

For a guy who never spoke much in grad school, ZenRooster rambles on when it comes to cricket. For a fine blend of sarcasm and humor – ZenRooster is your man. Despite being a tennis man at heart, his interest in cricket cannot be taken lightly. “He loves Sport” – be it Tennis, American Football, Cricket etc.; whether he is playing it or watching it.

Most of our cricketing conversations have happened online and everytime he has managed to crack me up with his wise-cracks. He prides on never having spent on any posters of his sporting heroes – the only exception was a poster of Sir Viv Richards chewing gum – the price he paid Rs 2:-)

Residing in the far-away United States he is going to spend enough sleepless nights over the next 45 days. If you are still in two minds about him – read about how he became a cricket fan  and you will keep returning to read some more.   

His posts here

Sagarika a.k.a Saga

She is my soul sister. In my 20 years of watching cricket – I did not meet a single girl who loved cricket the way I did. It’s a fact. I also got a lot of  “you really do know your game well” from all the guys I met. And then I happened to read this post , and I knew I had met someone who knew her game way better than I did.

Saga is the one who adopted the ways of the game to make sure that no part of her life is untouched. Be it the math lessons through the score board, or understanding the physics parabola through Jadeja’s lofty pitches – she adopted this game into her blood. The world knows her as the serious corporate lawyer who’ll march and protest against anything under the sun, but hand her over the mike and she’ll tell you of her first association with the World Cup in 1996 as a performer, a brief stint in the Eden commentary box as a child and about the child who still puts the TV on mute as she watches the match. For then she can practice her commentary skills and blog sitting in that very position for 6 hours, which she believes is favorable for her team.  Her personal blog is Deviant Wave and she will pen her cricketing thoughts on this blog:-)

You can read her posts here


He is the guy I’m convinced has chosen the wrong profession. I’m not in the print profession but I do read a lot of cricket journalists and some fine writers and when I do, the only thought that crosses my mind is why is this guy solving financial problems instead of weaving the beauty of the game in his mesmerizing words. In a decade of knowing him, I’ve met him once in the offline world and interacted a zillion times online whenever a match was on and this when there was no facebook and twitter. Every single interaction tells me of his infinite knowledge about the game and what a fine judge of players he is. He has finally caved in and is going to pen down his cricketing gems on this blog. From a true cricket connessieur you can expect the best. Here is glimpse of his writing – this is what Bharath had to say on Laxman:

” Bailey’s Irish Cream.
They should use Laxman as an endorser. Absolutely perfect fit.
So smooth. And so intoxicating.Absolutely delicious.

And beyond that, words fail me.  But beyond beauty, I dont think this guy has been given enough credit for this – sometimes – almost with a bit of indulgence, commentators dismiss him merely for ‘the stylish Hyderabadi’. But of course, stylish is a given. But beyond that, the grit and commitment displayed by this guy over the past few years, is I believe, not adequately recognized. For me, this guy inspires confidence – whatever happens, I say to myself, Laxman is still to come.

And for a professional, I believe that that confidence that one generates in one’s ‘customers’ that one will deliver, is the ultimate compliment.

I will miss this guy when he retires.
Sorry Sachin, but more than you.”

Read his posts here