Ashes – Episode 1

As much as it is being said that the first test of the Ashes was one of the finest – I’m not ready to believe it was. It was a tight contest, a very narrow victory for England but was it among the finest tests? I’m not so sure it was.

I did not get to see every ball but bits and pieces viewing and following the score online helped me summarise the performance of both sides this test:

I’m not sure we witnessed great cricket – in spurts yes – Anderson, Agar, Bell and to some extent Haddin. England bowlers except Anderson bowled pretty rubbish, and their batting which has been far superior to most sides in last 24 months failed miserably. So I’m not sure it was solely Australia’s doing but it did feel like the England batsmen decided not to turn up barring Bell in the 2nd innings. KP is more than capable of getting triple figures against this attack and so are Cook and Trott.

Australia – piss poor batting which did them in both times – when your lower order makes more runs than your top order you know you are in trouble. On the bowling front it seems less worrisome as of now, but if England batsman strike form it will be interesting to see how the pace trio handles the pressure.

It was a good test not a great test – and to be honest at the end of it – you and I know that it was Anderson’s exhilarating bowling that made all the difference to the result between the two sides.

The test was made a close contest thanks to some poor cricket from both sides. If England play to their potential they should be miles ahead of this Australian side – however I’d like to see the entire Australian team pull up their socks and fight it out like their lower order did once England hits form – now that would make up for some serious good viewing. Maybe then we would get somewhere near those fine contests we witnessed in 2005 Ashes series else it is going to be pretty ordinary cricket for the rest of the English summer.