Favourite Dravid Memories on The Sight Screen

Subash  the podcast king at The Cricket Couch and an Editorial Member at The Sight Screen has got journalists, bloggers and fans together to create this lovely treasure trove of Rahul Dravid Memories.

The brilliant Devanshu of Deep Backward Point and an Editorial Member at The Sight Screen contributed to the brilliant music for the podcast – read about it on his blog

The tribute features two of my favourite writers – and even more when it comes to writing about Dravid: Sriram & Siddhartha.

There is the budding writer (I often keep dictionary.com open when I’m reading his posts) Rohit who is also on the editorial board of The Sight Screen shares a memory that blew my mind off. I will envy him for life now.

Then there is superb Samir Chopra from Eye-on-Cricket and the hilarious, super intelligent Jarrod Kimber from Cricket With Balls.

There is Nicole with whom I had bonded on twitter mainly thanks to her killer DP of Rahul Dravid

There is Dilip  – also an editorial member at The Sight Screen. He is a huge Dravid fan and an ardent Aussie supporter – 2 reasons enough to converse with him for hours.

And lastly, yours truly is also one of the lucky folks to have been part of this. I may sound like a nervous kid, but I’m forgiven  – given that I was asked to speak about Dravid when I’m still not over his retirement 🙂

If you are a Dravid fan this is a must listen, even if you are not I suggest you still listen and get to know how much he is admired, respected and loved .