Impending Reality…

15 years of hardwork, dedication, outstanding performance, among top 10% performers year on year.  Recession strikes, costs are an issue, your performance slacks for that one year. You are given the pink slip – the reality of many corporate lives since 2008.

It is also the impending reality for VVS, RD and SRT.

I cannot describe how much it hurts to see people around me call for their heads – no respect left for them – they must be sacked. They are old, they are worn out. They did a lot of great things for India, but now they need to be asked to go if they will not go out on their own.

It takes me back to what Sunil Gavaskar always said ( he having practiced this bit that he has always preached) – Leave at a time so that people ask why now and not why not?

But I also get why VVS/SRT/RD did not want to leave – they probably wanted that elusive Aus series win – the last feather in their cap. It wasn’t greed, it was a fair desire – they had earned the right to dream of it.

If it hurts me so much, if it hurts you so much by being just a fan – just spare a thought for the trio in this mayhem and imagine how much it must be hurting them to leave the stage they owned on such a low – just keep all the cribbings aside for a moment and think for them – just give them a moment, they’ve earned that moment from you.