Letting go of the "Greed Monster"

As every match goes by I see the “greed monster” spring up time and again – within me and a million others who watch this funny game called “Cricket”. We are such a dissatisfied lot that I can’t help but feel sorry for those 22 blokes who are fighting out there  in the middle

See the match that unfolded this week:

The first innings of both teams lasted a little over 3.5 days – 11 sessions.

The day 4 ended with WI in the lead at 189/2

Given the scenes played out on the first 4 days – this test was headed to a dull dull draw; there was no result in sight, forget the exciting day that unfolded today.

WI had a brain fade and lost 8 wickets before lunch today. Also due credit to Ojha and Ashwin for bowling well on a pitch that hardly assisted them.

Then the Indian batsmen decided to get out in the mid-wicket area to the likes of Samuels to add a twist to the match.

Then Virat’s dismissal, Aaron coming ahead of Ojha, Ashwin not keeping the strike for the last over, Aaron wasting 3 deliveries, Ashwin defending the last one and then failing to get to the 2 on the last ball.

The match ended in a draw with scores level.

And then I saw the net explode with frustrations over not winning the match. We the greedy fans are not satisfied with the result we saw today.

I admit I too felt bad for a moment ; and then I thought of Dominica where we had given up the chase with 15 overs to go and 86 runs to get.

Nor did we give up the chase here – neither did the WI give up on fighting till the last ball was bowled.

Ashwin had a fantastic debut series, the bloke got 9 wickets and a 100 in this test– and yet we are trolling him for not completing that last run? What kind of frustrated lot are we, and how poor are our memories?

Virat was playing his 4th match – the guy needed to seal his place in the side and he did. I agree he gifted his wicket on both occasions but he will learn, he will fail and he will learn; and we must show that faith in him and not crucify him for every mistake.

Aaron was playing his first test. He too will learn to take a single of the first ball and give it to the more better batsmen – we must show the faith.

Ojha for his poor batting skills hung in there for Ashwin’s 100 in the first innings. When he walked out he had told Ashwin,“I’ll bat for your 100”. That’s the spirit we must applaud – they are playing for each other, and we must bat for them – by putting our faith in them.

Ashwin felt the pressure might get to the last pair if he got out, so he played it safe on the 2nd last ball – even if he had tried his best he would’ve still fallen short on the run we are cursing him for not turning too fast. He too will learn.

As c_aashish tweeted today – Virat and Ashwin did a fine job – our future is safe.

There is no doubt we were the superior team in this series and a 3-0 would’ve looked great, but admit that we were thoroughly outplayed in this match until today morning’s session.

As a cricket fan who has been longing for WI revival, I did not want them to lose this match thanks to one poor session.

The loss would have dealt a death nail on this young team’s confidence. I thought they have played some good cricket this series and showed the will to fight. Bishoo was limping today and so was Sammy, but neither of them gave up on a fight. Ravi Rampaul bowled his heart out and Fidel Edwards bowled a great last over. Bravo, Edwards, Brathwite, Barath batted beautifully in the first innings – they did not deserve to lose this match. This result did every bit of good for the WI. They should be a proud lot – forget that morning session for now and celebrate their fighting spirit.

India should not be feeling like they lost, cause it was a game that was never theirs to win until today morning.

And we fans should get a grip on our expectations; in our greed we forget the moments the game gives us – it’s okay to feel bad momentarily,  just don’t brood over the last 2 balls forgetting the rest of the match that was played.

Cheer up and smile you buggers 🙂