The unbelievable happened yesterday  – I almost forgot that today India was playing against England and planned my retail therapy. I went for it nevertheless.

And the unbelievable happenings continued today – India beat England for the first time in 2011. ( Although, England are yet to beat us in a full 50 over match )

It was not a narrow escape from the jaws of defeat like England enjoyed in every match last Sep at home. The margin of defeat was 127 runs – when England were chasing only 301.

England did not even last 40 overs – they fell apart in 36 overs – they just seem to hate the concept of 50 over matches. It’s either 20 or 90, nothing in between.

But the most offended of the lot today were none other than Duckworth-Lewis as their services were not warranted today.

By the end of the series – a lot more folks are probably going to go back home totally miffed and I’d enjoy that for a change.