Childhood Rewind…

I would be lying if India’s current series hasn’t made me feel gutted, but I’m amazed how calm I’ve been about the whole debacle.

No cuss words, no hyperventilating with fury. I am brooding quietly. Is this what growing up does to folks?

I miss the way I used to outrage as a kid and teenager watching India lose matches it could’ve won, watching the batting being ripped apart and the bowling thrashed around by our mighty oppositions.

Mom and Papa ensured the doors and windows were locked so that my cries and angry screams did not reach the outside world.

This series reminded me of my childhood days watching India play in the 90s but I forgot to react the way I did then.

And then I saw this 23 year old come and play for India.

I saw assurance, I saw calmness, I saw Azhar and Dravid combined in one, I saw him hook/pull with authority, I saw him lean into his drives with absolute ease like Dravid/Sachin do and I saw a childlike innocence.

And then I beamed and got excited like the 11-year old me had when I had seen Sachin hit 148* against Aus which was followed by the priceless 114 at Perth in my first cricket season as a cricket fan.

I went on and on about this new bloke to my hubby in the same manner as the teenage me had gone about describing Dravid to my dad after Lords ‘96.

Oh to resume being in awe again just when I thought I would never experience it once my favourite trio had called it quits.

Thank you for bringing back the good memories. Thanks for bringing the smile back to our faces on what have been a miserable 2 months!

A huge welcome to you Ajinkya Rahane,