The Unassailable 100

It is not often that…

A 19 year old makes debut for Australia, and gets close to a century on his debut.

A player comes to the party 5 years later than the master and manages to catch up to him

A person continues to spoil the opposition’s ploys with complete mastery over the attack

One gets to see a person own the Pull shot and make it seem like it is his own invention

An arrogant brat gets to be the most successful captain for his country and in the world of cricket

A batsman’s facial expressions get more attention than his batting

A person gets his detractors to cheer for him when he is the only one standing between defeat and his team.

I manage to stay glued to my seat to watch the player I hate play some of the finest knocks I have seen, and then rejoice in his every run.

I get emotional and put up a tribute to what is the finest achievement in test cricket.


It has happened only once in cricketing history that one batsman has hit hundreds in both innings in his 100th test match and one player has capped 100 test wins – the next best being 92 by Shane Warne

Dear Ricky Thomas Ponting – I have never been able to harbour hate and respect towards the same person – You will remain the sole exception! 

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