I cannot believe that…

England media and fans think England are No 1 cause they beat India in one test – one test? They haven’t beaten us in a series in 15 years – home and away – case of  poor memory or selective amnesia?

One test loss makes people say that they cannot wait for the best two test teams to meet next – Eng. Vs. SA. The latter  could not beat us – home or away last year.

Dhoni continues to give undying support to the mediocre spinner in our bowling line-up

Folks keep blaming IPL for India’s loss. Get over it

One loss makes BCCI look like idiots and ECB like guardians of test cricket

Folks like Nasser Hussein make statements like India does not value its no 1 test ranking

India being the no1 Test team in the world with an average bowling line-up hurts folks so much.

There is so much venom in the media against this Indian Team.

Indian fans are losing their faith  that this team can bounce back – sans  Zaheer, Sehwag, Gambhir.

So here is what I really believe. You can laugh at my foolishness or my undying faith and belief in Dhoni’s Men; but here is my verdict – we are not losing this test series and you Pommies will need to wait a while before you go shouting hoarse about being No 1.

And when that happens, I can’t wait for you haters to go “I cannot believe that…”

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