Unintended Sabbatical

I realize the blog has been not updated for sometime now. The members have been busy in their offline lives, no excuses but the truth. We started this so that we can share what we love about the game and hence I do not believe in forcing folks to write at regular time periods. Whenever they wish to, this space is theirs to pen down their thoughts

Another reason for being sporadic on this space on my front is that I’m drowned deep in my work and it keeps my brain occupied for 16 hours of the day and I love it. When I started writing on cricket the statistics were on the tip of my tongue, I could recollect shots from memory, there was never a reason to refer anything. But now, multiple things occupy my brain and I don’t get to watch matches live all the time. There is an overdose of cricket and it is impossible for me to remember stats like I used to earlier.

When I do decide to write I like to link it to old match reports, references, youtube links etc because it just makes for easy reading for the viewer and I don’t get time to do that little bit of in-depth study for my posts. I’m not from the writing field so it’s not on the top of my head either, but yes I’m going to make an effort to be regular now that we have some exciting series lined up till the end of the year. Not write long essays or exquisite descriptions but gather my thoughts on this space.

Twitter is my blog killer too – ok kidding. I’m enjoying twitter, in the last 2-3 months I’ve got to know some knowledgeable folks on twitter who amaze me with their cricketing knowledge and I realize that I’m on my learning curve again. There are crazy arguments, endless debates, and inconclusive fiery arguments; there is baiting and banter and much fun. It is killing the time I would’ve kept aside to write my posts on cricket but I’m enjoying it as well, so I’m going to make an effort to balance out both.

There is backlog of posts I started and left half way – review of “Fire in Babylon”, the country Vs club debate, the attack on Rahul Dravid, and why I thought it was justified to rest the seniors and play the young blood this series. They are all lying half-baked in my drafts and I think it’s too late to write about them but about Fire in Babylon I must.

My favourite format of the game is back – Test cricket. Even if it is between India A and WI – it is still exciting and I’m managing to stay up late to catch the match live. There are some good prospects on both sides and this is going to be a keen contest on cards. I know Eng-Ind is the most awaited series this year – but let’s wait until July and enjoy this WI series until then.

Don’t go away from this space if you still love to read what we post.