Thank You Team India…

It is widely believed that addictions of all kinds are injurious to health including the addition to winning. It is supposed to make you cocky, underestimate your opponents, slack on preparation and unknowingly slip into defeatist patterns. In other words, it is leading into an addiction to habits that that will break the winning streak. I believe this happens at work, in your family and every aspect of your life in addition to sports. It takes a great coach to identify this early enough in the cycle and break it very quickly.
Thank you Gary Kirsten and staff. You did this all the while you were year. Addiction to winning ain’t so bad after all with people like you around 🙂

Fear is omniscient, the greatest in any field experience this all around them. Rosa Parks felt it on December 1, 1945 too but here is what she realized. Pushing through fear is less frightening than living with the underlying fear that comes from a feeling of helplessness. Heck, we all experience this at every step in our lives.
Thank you Indian team. When we said you are fearless, we did realize that the fear was always around. You just felt the fear and did it anyway.

Apparently doubt cannot coexist with faith. When you say you believe, any seeds of doubt are eroding to your final goal. It is like planting a seed. When you plant a seed for a large oak tree, you believe that the tree with shoot and grow. Having doubt means digging out the seed regularly to see if it has germinated. Nothing will grow, it is a lot of useless work and it kills potential.
Thank you Indian team and mainly Dhoni. You taught us self-belief. At different points in the campaign, we as fans had doubt, but you never did. You never questioned your ability. In future, we will never doubt you, and more importantly we will never doubt our own abilities. We will not dig the soil to see what’s going on. We will be patient and we will believe.

It is often said that don’t pursue perfection, pursue excellence. Thank you Sachin Tendulkar for not believing this. Perfection is something you pursued, excellence is something you achieved along the way. Since 1989, you pursued perfection in the most workmanlike manner, we should all be able to do the same way. Or at least try. Your dedication, consistency and ability to focus for this long is unprecedented in any endeavor anywhere. You gave us a cause not by any ra-ra or vocal call but just by being who you are. People like you are few and far but they are there 🙂

As Dhoni hoisted Kulasekara out of the park, it was hard to contain whatever emotions that were left. People were not afraid to be messy and loud being Indians in Seattle, people hugged strangers and the tricolor fluttered with unabashed vigor. You didn’t have to like cricket, you only had to realize that as an Indian you are part of something special. You are a citizen and a follower of a great country that is ascending, that has no doubt, that is righteous in victory and graceful in defeat. In all this glory, I want to thank this wonderful country of U.S.A. Our expressions would have been curtailed everywhere else in the world outside of India and had that happened, it would be hard to imagine a more cruel end to this day.

Thank you team, thank you India and thank you my fellow Indians for always believing. A lot of tears flowed after the game. It’s time to let the ale flow.

Jai Hind!