Cricket Clichés…

I heard during and after today’s tied match:

  • Cricket Won
  • No team deserved to lose
  • Bowlers win you matches
  • Huge thank you to players from both sides for a great game of cricket
  • India held onto her nerve
  • England threw away a win
  • SMG: “I feel for Sachin Tendulkar if India were to lose this match”
  • Cricket is choking other games in India
  • ODIs are still up and alive
  • Matches like this one were needed to keep the viewer interest alive
  • Snatching victory from jaws of defeat
  • Snatching defeat from jaws of victory
  • India has a huge bowling problem
  • India’s batting alone cannot win her the World Cup
  • India will not make it to the semis at this rate
  • We were one bowler short, we bowled too short, we did not field well – Well OfCourse!
  • Sachin scored a century – India will not win
  • Sachin never scores when India wins
  • This game is not for the faint-hearted
  • Such games are the major causes of heart-attacks
  • This game was a great advertisement for the ODIs
  • The world cup is alive and kicking
  • WTF, WTF , WTF
  • It is Even Stevens
  • And finally the all important one: “Cricket is a game of glorious uncertainties”

Go ahead tell me the cliches I missed out on and you happened to hear

P.S: On a serious note though, the game is special – indeed it is and matches like the one we saw today prove that! Not the best bowling on display but what knocks from Sachin and Strauss. The latter won hands down in my book – to play that kind of innings chasing 338 against 11+40000 Indians – he has earned my respect and yes am now a huge fan!