Questions for Ayaz?

I told you all of the wonderful opportunity I’ve got to conduct a series of cricket podcasts – a build up to the WC 2011.

I cialis order hope you heard the first episode here.

I’m inviting reader questions for Ayaz Memon. I’ll be posting the episode outline for you readers in advance, for you to send in your views/questions that I’ll try to cover to the maximum possible.

In the next episode we will look to cover the following topics – if you have any questions that you want Ayaz to answer, do write to me @

  1. India Vs South Africa – Test Series Preview – India’s strengths, South Africa’s strengths, Strategy to adopt, Series Predictions, can India win?
  2. Players to watch our for from both sides
  3. India’s reluctance to adopt UDRS
  4. Clarke recently tweeted his apology for not walking when he knew he was out – Oddity in Aussie character ?
  5. We will revist matches from the past between Ind-SA. Tell me your favourite moments you wish to revisit with Ayaz
  6. WC Team Previews Begin – India is first – Tell me your XI who should make the cut and then we tally it with Ayaz’s selection

Leave your name – twitter id or email ( if you want it mentioned on the podcast) so that I can credit the question appropriately.

Go ahead – let me know asap!