The Real Wall or Impostor?

I’ve tremendous respect for Rahul Dravid – The Wall; which cricket fan would not for a man who has 10000+ runs in both forms of the game with 29 centuries to boast about in the test form. In fact, I don’t remember ever writing a negative word for him and never thought I would until…

Over the last couple of years he has been out of his element, looks similar to the batsman he was on that fateful 1999 tour to Australia.

After seeing him bat against Aus and lately against NZ ,I felt there was an impostor batting as Rahul Dravid. It felt that his mind was not there in the game. His 100 brought back some assurance but still not the confidence he often brings.

 But this statement of his got me thinking if seriously the real Rahul Dravid has gone missing, and the impostor is still hanging around.

“He’s batting beautifully, he is the new Garry Sobers”Harbhahan Singh’s all-round skills have clearly impressed Rahul Dravid  (Nov 15, 2010)


 It is one thing to quote, “On the off-side there is God  and then there is Ganguly” but to say “Bhajji is the new Sobers” after Bhajji’s 2 centuries is definitely what we term as “losing your marbles”.

It is difficult for me to digest this statement from the well-read, intelligent, excellent disciple of the game.

The Wall should be glad that Sobers has not reacted after reading this statement but he better watch-out when he takes guard in the WI in May 2011 – I’m not so sure the WI team will be happy with this comparison.