The Corridor of Certainty

They tell me that it is unusual for a girl to follow cricket like I do; and it gets even more weird cause I’ve never held the bat in my hand. When you grow up in Mumbai, you realize that you don’t need to play cricket to know cricket. So if you want to blame anybody for my oddity, blame the men in my life and you get to meet 3 of them here.

My madness for the game grew because I met the cricket guru Saurabh a.k.a Tugga and cricket geek Prashant a.k.a PK when I entered my engineering college – wrong choice of education stream but best choice of friends. I attribute my knowledge of the game to these two the most, and through this site you will soon know why. Mangesh a.k.a MSD is the fourth dimension of the trinity – our constant source of criticism and encouragement, and also our punching bag against whom we show-off our cricket knowledge!

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Cricket is the one reason that binds us together and the one reason why we are still sane! We have all tried our bit at writing on our blogs and managed to get couple of posts up on few well-known sites decades ago, but never really pursued our love seriously.

After much deliberation, debate and months of confusion we finally decided to get our space to voice the thoughts in our head and transfer them onto the paper – sorry the epaper. At the rate we were progressing the corridor of certainty did not look certain to take off! Well it finally has, and we hope you will enjoy this space.

It’s a small dream we are bringing into reality – the one that gives us immense joy and we would want to spread it around.

Why we decided to go live today?

When you commence the good things in life such as marraige, naming your child, buying your house, house warming, etc you hunt for an auspicious day – the perfect muhurat! 

What day in cricketing world could be more auspicious than this day? On this day, GOD stepped onto the 22-yards, all of 16, and took guard against the fiery Pakistan attack of Imran Khan, Waqar Younis, Wasim Akram and Abdul Qadir in Karachi.

2 years ago on this very day, our very own PK grew up and became a dad, his little boy is the first baby in the gang.

So you see, 15th November holds a personal and cricketing importance for all of us; which is why we chose to go live on this day. Hopefully, it will be lucky for “The Corridor of Certainty” as it was for GOD and PK.

On The Corridor of Certainty you will read our views on the game, our take on the past, present and future of the game; as we relive our memories, revisit history and revive our passion for the game.

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