The Best Article that I’ve Ever Read – Rohit Brijnath on the Fab Five

One of the many activities that we will do through our site is to share articles which we think that deserve to be read by our readers. You may have come across these articles on your own, but hey it doesn’t hurt to spread the love. 😉

So,I would like to start off with an article that I had read on cricinfo. It came at a time when so many die-hard Indian fans (more so fans of my age) were going through a very, very emotional time.  It was during the Australia’s tour to India in 2008 where there were talks of handing out VRS to the Fab Five of the Indian team. With the clamour for the retirement of the Fab Five going strong, I couldn’t imagine following cricket without these heroes of mine, whom I grew up watching and falling in love with.

In the middle of all this anxiety, Rohit Brijnath wrote this piece of gem for Cricinfo. I am pretty sure any die-hard follower of Cricinfo would have read this article, and would have struggled to hold back tears. I know I excused myself from my office desk on reading this, as I didn’t want to explain to my cubicle mates why my eyes were brimming with tears while surfing Cricinfo.

I can honestly say that this is the best article that I ever read and the author touched a cord that made me a fan of his writing.

Read on and let me know your comments.

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