We Are

The Holy Trinity….

The literature review for dissertation Father – Prashant a.k.a PK

Apart from the fact that he is indeed the father to a hyperactive 2 year old, this man can act as the father to anyone, including to his wife. A self-proclaimed sheikh of tweak, he gave up playing the sport when his waist size rivaled that of the stadium, and got hooked onto commentary instead. When he is not devouring cricket articles, he is usually found devouring chicken biryani! At the heart of it though, PK is the thread of sanity that binds us all together. His favorite disciple – Mark Waugh.
The Son – Minal a.k.a MARS

Given her phenomenal grasp of the games intricacies, she can be easily rechristened as the first lady of cricket. With a day-job as a banker and the world’s “best” husband (strictly according to her and a handful of her girl friends) to feed, she still manages time to blog, podcast, facebook and tweet on cricket. She also writes on her personal blog at GrangerGab. Right from auditioning before Shastri, Wasim & Perizaad for Harsha ki Khoj, to interviewing Ayaz Memon for a podcast and meeting her idol Harsha Bhogle, this lady has done it all! Her fantasy date – Sanjay Manjrekar.
The Holy Spirit – Saurabh a.k.a. Tugga

He considers himself the avatar of Steve ‘Tugga’ Waugh, and hence has the good old grumpy look on at most times. Like his idol, he too is highly passionate about this game. He took to it 25 years ago, and ever since then has debated with one and sundry to acknowledge that when it comes to being an authority over the game there is none better than him. He complains he is seven seas away, where he rarely gets to watch a game live but his gut feel is far better than the ones who watch the game live! Tuggaism – “Give me a beer and a good test match to watch, and I shall die a happy man”
No trinity can be complete without the presence of the Fourth Mode – the fourth dimension, the fourth wheel, call it what you may
God – Mangesh a.k.a MSD

No, our beloved Dhoni is not part of this team, at least not as yet. Our MSD is the geek in the gang, the know-it-all, except when it comes to cricket. But as we wrote above, the trinity would never be complete without his presence, motivation and super-wise interjections! He dared PK to stop being a father-figure to his girl-friend and be manly enough to finally propose her, pulled fast ones on MARS throughout the 4 years of engineering college, and almost died laughing when Tugga mistook Kaluwitharna for Sachin! The God keeps them in check… always! 

God bless the Trinity!