Why you should not give up on this team…

We may not have dominated like the WIs in 70s and Aus in 2000s as I said in my previous post, but we b&*%dy well know how to fight back.

We are not capitulating like scared mice anymore after facing a disaster, the shoulders have not shrunk, the walk is not slow, there is no unnecessary cautious approach and  there is no continuous defence.

We are the new brave hearts. We are fighting even though we know it is an uphill task. We have got at a stage where we believe we can achieve the impossible because we have done it in the past.

We are not caving in because we have the spirit and the mettle to fight. There was much uproar against Bhajji’s statement. I found it a tad arrogant too but after reading Gambhir’s and Dravid’s thoughts, I realized the 3 were saying the same thing – they believed they had a chance to comeback and save the match. Bhajji’s tone might have seemed kiddish and arrogant but the team does not lack self-belief neither is the team over-confident.

Any team having being skittled out for a mere 136 in 30 odd overs and facing a deficit of 484 would’ve given up and stepped out in the 2nd innings defeated.

66687589-indias-sehwagWe walked out with resilience and confidence. The way Sehwag and Gambhir batted under pressure for was the key turning point for us.

We were battered, hammered and our bowling attack stripped naked. We do not have a world class bowling attack – big problem in defending our no.1 position – but our batting is the best and they proved it well in the last 2 days at Centurion.

Were you surprised at the U-Turn our batting took from the first innings debacle? Then you probably have not seen how many times this team has bounced back in the last decade from hopeless situations. It all started with that cult test match in Kolkatta 2001 and continued in  Headingly 2002 ( Why Dravid is hailed as one of the best players of the moving ball – that knock will tell you), Adelaide 2003, Kingston 2006,Perth 2008,Chennai 2008,Napier 2009,Colombo 2010, Mohali 2010, Ahmedabad 2010.

I was disappointed at our performance in the first innings and there is no doubt  that we have some weakness, but I did not understand the harsh criticism for one failure against a million successes.  Did you people think they would not put up a brave front in the 2nd innings? I may not have gauged the scale of the fight back but I believed they would not go down easily.

After the wet pitch on day 1, for the next 3 days, the pitch had nothing to offer. Why is there no criticism towards Steyn and Morkel who have not been able to get the Indians out for last 10 hours? So given the fact that we would’ve won the toss ( I’m still very serious when I say ICC must consider my appeal for separate captains – one for the toss and one for the game. Ganguly-Dhoni best combination – double the luck), maybe our weak trio would’ve troubled the SA batsmen as well. A possibility we cannot overlook given how different the pitch played for the next 3 days.

If tosses are going to decide the match result, we need to reconsider the pitches on which they are being played. I think teams need equal conditions to be judged fairly. Are you telling me the SA batsmen would’ve survived on a turner? Anyways, I’m not defending – I think we have some flaws in our batting which we need  to look at seriously before we head to Durban. Something tells me that SA will ensure that the ‘96-97 Durban pitch awaits us.

As a fan, I hate to see a match without a fight – we did not stand up in the first innings but have come back strongly in the 2nd. As most of my friends are echoing on facebook; I voice the same thoughts – I really don’t care if we lose this match cause we have put our hands up and given a strong reply. Do not take us lightly is the message we have given to the opposition camp and that is good enough to put the South Africans on high alert for the next 2 matches.

If they thought on the eve of 16thDec2010, that this Indian team was going to be easy pickings, they have been proven wrong.

You want to be called No1 – you better be ready to battle it out – we are not handing over the crown that easily.



P.S: The GOD got his 50th test century, lots of tributes will follow and people will pick their favourite tons. So will we  – that post up for tomorrow.